Improve funnel conversions to scale your ad spend

Funnel Not Converting With Cold Traffic?

Facebook costs skyrocketing when you try to scale?

Why Not Let Me Fix Your Funnel For Free

It’s no secret…

Building a sales funnel that scales with paid traffic is one of the fastest ways to create wealth online.

(We all know someone who’s business is suddenly making millions after cracking the code on scaling their ads on Facebook, YouTube or GDN).


Scaling Your Ad Spend To Thousands Per Day (Without Going Bankrupt) Is Really Hard To Do

The cost of Facebook ads are going up.

Competition in the News Feed is getting more cutthroat as big players move in and buy up inventory.

Accounts are getting shut down without warning…

Email open rates are dropping (entire generations of people are not even using email)…

And you have to fight harder than ever to capture the fragmented attention of your best customers.

Which is why more and more people are discovering…

The Secret to Scaling Your Ad Spend… Is a Funnel That Converts

When your funnel has a high conversion rate

You can out-bid your competition and afford to reach those massive “colder” audiences (which is where the real wealth is for an online business).

And it doesn’t take much research to realize everyone who’s “crushing it” on Facebook…

Is sending their traffic to a funnel that is a well-oiled conversion machine.

The only problem is…

“Self diagnosing” conversion problems on a funnel is expensive and time-consuming for many business owners.

Funnels that convert cold traffic are often complex, multi-step “machines”…

Relying on a deep skillset in marketing, UX, data science, copywriting, CRO, and multiple software platforms all glued together.

So you’re either burning the midnight oil yourself trying to set up split tests and figure out how the puzzle pieces fit together…

Or you’re babysitting a team of contractors (copywriter, CRO specialist, data and analytics experts) working to troubleshoot and optimize your funnel for you.

Weeks later, you’ve spent more money on testing, you’re not sure if you can even trust the data you’re seeing…

And you don’t feel any closer to cracking the code on scaling with paid traffic.

If your funnel is losing money when you increase your ad spend…

And you don’t have time to figure it out yourself…

I can help

My name is Kory Basaraba and over the last 10 years I’ve worked behind the scenes on some truly epic funnels.

I’ve built quiz funnels for Ryan Levesque (Creator of the ASK Method) as the head of his agency.

Companies like Agora Financial (a $300,000,000/year financial publisher) have called me in to help them troubleshoot their funnels and find hidden opportunity.

I’ve also…

  • Been building sales funnels online since early-internet days…
  • Sold close to a million dollars worth of my own products online…
  • Run product launches for others…
  • Consulted with Fortune 500 companies on their online strategy…
  • Become the go-to guy when a marketing strategy HAS to get results.

My only point in telling you this is to let you know….

 This isn’t my first rodeo.

And when it comes to quickly pinpointing the issues that are keeping your funnel from scaling 

(so you don’t waste weeks or months chasing dead-end optimization fixes)…

Experience counts.

Joe Schreifer
Agora Financial

I brought Kory in to help grow our business because he has one of the best marketing minds anywhere. He gets results and is a pleasure to work with. If you have a chance to hire him – do it!

Gary Goldstein
Producer of the movie Pretty Woman, Author, Business Advisor

Kory’s a gentleman and a true entrepreneur devoted to helping as many other entrepreneurs and companies as possible. Kory wants what’s best for his clients and I, for one, would trust this man with my business.

Joe Vitale
Star of the movie "The Secret" and author of more than 50 books, including the best sellers Zero Limits and The Attractor Factor

Kory is a smart marketer who understands how to make money online.
I hired him to help me with a product launch and together we sold 1,000 copies of my new audio program in 72 hours.

I highly recommend Kory to anyone looking for a boost in their business. He’s professional, easy to work with and he knows how to get results.

Kevin Breeding
Executive Creative Director, Bigham Agency

Kory’s deep knowledge of marketing, technology, business strategy, and insightful questions saved me nearly $100,000 on our first call together.

John Chen

Kory showed us several next-level strategies for scaling our business that blew us away.

He brings a deep level of experience to his coaching and doesn’t dish out the same recycled, cookie-cutter advice you hear from other gurus.

If you’re serious about growing with paid traffic, do yourself a favor and get on a call with him. He’ll open your eyes to what’s possible.

Why I Started Funnel Optimizers

After a decade of selling my own products online, running product launches and building funnels for clients…

I realized what makes me happy is using my experience to help entrepreneurs turn broken funnels into wealth-creating machines.

Our mission is to help business owners improve the conversion of their funnels so they can scale with paid traffic.

We offer a range of services…

From funnel optimization coaching to complete done-for-you funnel CRO agency services.


In this age of social-media-hype, “rented-lambo-proof” and fresh-faced experts claiming to have all the answers…

I prefer to start any new business relationship by getting you a result – for FREE.

How to get a guaranteed breakthrough in your funnel at no charge:

Free Deep-Dive Funnel Analysis

If you want to improve your funnel conversion without spending a dime…

Simply fill out this short questionnaire:

I’ll look things over and if I think I can help, I’ll reach out to schedule a 1 hour zoom call.

On that call, we’ll walk through your funnel together, look at your data and review each page.

And based on years spent building and fixing 6, 7 and 8 figure funnels…

I’ll give you my best specific, actionable advice on how to improve conversion of your funnel.

At the end of the call, you’ll have a detailed action plan to make your funnel better.

You can take the recording of the call and execute the steps with your team.

Or we may decide it makes sense for us to keep working together.

Either way, there will be no pressure, no hype.

Just my best efforts and 15 years of marketing experience to help your business succeed.

Finally, to take away any hesitation…

If you feel for any reason the call was a waste of your time, just let me know I’ll send $500 to the charity of your choice.

The Catch:

I only have space for one of these critiques each week and my schedule is filling up.

To qualify for a funnel strategy session you must:

  • HAVE a working funnel. (This is not a call about how to build a funnel from scratch)
  • Have spent at least $1000 driving traffic to your funnel from Facebook, Google Ads, or YouTube.

That’s it.

If you want to increase your ad spend and your funnel is holding you back, I’d love to help you.


Why am I doing this?

First, the obvious – I’m looking for a couple of great clients to work with to help them optimize and scale their business.

And the best way to show you what I can do…

Is to show you what I can do.

Second – and just as importantly:

Business is hard – and I love helping entrepreneurs win.

I come from a family of business owners and I watched my parents struggle in their businesses while I was growing up.

If I can share something I’ve learned over the years that will help you out, I’m happy to do it.


There’s a lot of BS being peddled as “funnel advice” from people who built 1 funnel, got lucky, and are now teaching everyone else their “system”.

What’s worse, I talk to business owners almost every week who’ve been ripped off by other agencies who took thousands of dollars in fees and delivered zero results.

This is my way of helping restore faith that there ARE good marketing people out there to help you in your business.

Anyway, if you’d like some help making your funnel work with paid traffic, it won’t cost you a penny.

Just click here to answer a few questions and let’s talk.

Best regards,

Kory Basaraba
Funnel Optimizers